Harvard Law School Hosts Global Legal Education Forum

On March 23-25, 2012, Harvard Law School hosted a Global Legal Education Forum as part of the Doctor of Judicial Science program’s 100th anniversary.  The forum surveyed the effect that globalism is having on the practice of law and on legal education. The forum featured panel decisions on abstract concepts of global law school and legal practices, as well as on the ways that information technology will impact these fields.

Harvard Law School Professor David Wilkins explains that while globalism is shaping the legal profession and legal education, it is not yet clear how the interplay between these ideas will pan out: Wilkins stated: “It’s not clear what global law is. There is no global government, there is no single global sovereign, and the more all the globalization trends we try to identify accelerate, the more that lawyers realize that for every global norm and global rule and global organization, that there are local complexities, cultures, regulations, institutions, that are equally important in resolving whatever the issue is.”

Panelists discussed how globalism may spark legal education reform, as it calls for a need to reexamine the curriculum.

For the full press release, go here.


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